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Hoje acordei com uma ótima notícia! Uma fotografia minha foi escolhida pelo P3 Publico (p3.publico.pt) como uma das melhores da semana! Um grande obrigado a vocês, P3, pelo destaque, e a todos os que puseram um gosto e que me têm começado a seguir e apoiar! Obrigada.


 This morning I woke up to great news! One of my pictures was chosen by P3 (p3.publico.pt) as one of the best of the week! A big thanks to P3 for the feature and to everyone who liked the photo for supporting and following me!

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Some things are born with us. Love for photography was one of the things that was born with me. I grabbed on to this world in 2009, attending Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis, in Porto, Portugal, where I graduated in the Audiovisual course, specializing in Film. In university I did two years in Film and Audiovisual, attending Escola Superior Artística do Porto, where photography walked always alongside me. In 2012, I started my more professional work, that’s when I found my true passion: concert photography. In the beginning of 2015 I embrace the other side of the coin - without putting away concerts - and started to work with people and companies for different products, like pregnancy or wedding photoshoots, and other assorted video and photography works.